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01/14/2007 - Duplicate Music Files Finder v. 1.5.5
- Ability to send files to Recycle Bin (selected as default - DMFF module).
- Remove track number from song file name - can add exceptions for artists begining with a digit (QMFR module).
- Remove delimiters at the begining and end of a file name (QMFR module).
- Ignore text in brackets if it matches a certain criteria (DMFF module).
- Automatic check for updates.
- Added help files.

01/13/2007 - Spyme Tools v. 1.5
- IMPROVED Registry Snapshot speed.
- Snapshot files open (a lot) faster.
- Changed Registry Snapshot file format (old snapshot files - v. 1.4 - can be converted to the new format).
- Take snapshot of multiple subkeys & directories.
- Filter results displayed in realtime file monitor.
- Log actions to a log file.
- Can now delete new keys/undo key deletions and restore old key contents in Registry while in Comparison Mode.
- Added progress view for scanning & comparison processes.
- See what's changed in new versions before choosing to update program.
- Changed some icons.
- Fixed some bugs in the comparing algorithm.
- Fixed displaying correct key/folder paths in Scan Dump Files.

10/21/2006 - Spyme Tools v. 1.4
- The program is now FREEWARE. Enjoy it!
- Scan Dump Files can now be encrypted to prevent others from viewing them.
- Added automatic update feature.
- Improved Realtime Registry Monitor.
- Files/Key values can now be custom sorted.

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