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Version 1.5.0

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SpyMe Tools is very useful in detecting Registry and Disk changes. If any application installs spyware, adware, dlls, programs, files, or any other type of file, picture, or program, etc. or changes the Registry's content, you will be able to see exactly where the modification occurred so you can take measures. It seems like more and more programs are attempting to install spyware, advertisements, or other garbage without your knowledge, but with this software you will know everything that is added or removed.

To detect Registry/Disk changes the program will create Dumps of the actual states of Registry/Disk. This means that at any time you can open the Dump file and view the contents of the Registry/Disk just as they were when you've scanned the Registry/Disk. The program can compare two different dump files so you'll see exactly what changed in the Registry/Disk between the two scans.

You can also use the program to backup your Registry. The program can restore old states of Registry keys using the data in the Dump files.

To prevent other persons from viewing your scanned files you may encrypt them so that a password will be required whenever someone tries to open them.

SpyMe Tools also includes a Real time Disk/Registry monitor so you may spot the changes in real time.(Real time Disk monitor works only on NT platform, including Win2k and Win XP).

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What's new

Version 1.5.0:
- IMPROVED Registry Snapshot speed.
- Snapshot files open (a lot) faster.
- Changed Registry Snapshot file format (old snapshot files(v. 1.4) can be converted to the new format).
- Take snapshot of multiple subkeys & directories.
- Filter results displayed in realtime file monitor.
- Log actions to a log file.
- Can now delete new keys/undo key deletions and restore old key contents in Registry while in Comparison Mode.
- Added progress view for scanning & comparison processes.
- See what's changed in new versions before choosing to update program.
- Changed some icons.
- Fixed some bugs in the comparing algorithm.
- Fixed displaying correct key/folder paths in Scan Dump Files.

Version 1.4.0:
- The program is now FREEWARE. Enjoy it!
- Scan Dump Files can now be encrypted to prevent others from viewing them.
- Added automatic update feature.
- Improved Realtime Registry Monitor.
- Files/Key values can now be custom sorted.

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